Do you REALLY have CAT 6 cable?

The new cable is here! The new cable is here!   (an homage to Steve Martin…)

BlueJeansCable is the real deal for ethernet and hdmi (and other) cables. It’s also expensive.

I have a DOCIS 3.1 modem, and an Linksys EA9500 router/wifi. I’ve got 1 Gb service, and I probably have 30 (or more) things hard wired up to the network.

I have just installed some BlueJeanCable CAT 6a certified ethernet cable. It runs from my modem, 23 feet to my router, and 23  feet back to my 24-port gigabit switch. It is significantly fatter, and not as flexible as CAT 5 or 6.   (I had been using certified CAT 6  – no “a” on the end).

Do you remember when the internet was described by some politician as “a series of tubes”?

Well, and this is just anecodatal, but the difference between the cables (CAT 6 vs 6a)  makes it feel like someone “greased the tubes.” Access now just flows.

No, I didn’t test it… this is purely subjective. Things are just “snappier” now.

I’d hope so since the two 23′ cables cost almost $90 with shipping. Like I said “expensive.”

Here’s a bit of startling info:

(FWIW, I also use their HDMI cables. Also a noticeable improvement.)

Finally, I do NOT use BJC cables everywhere… they are just too expensive, so I  only use them at critical junctures.

I hope this helps (or at least intrigues) someone.

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