Is Apple headed for trouble?

Just the observations of an old guy, but one who has been watching and working with Apple since 1978…

FCP-X launch is a disaster.

iCloud reception is luke-warm; hostile in some cases.

Android is a serious contender.

Lion dumbs down the OS.

Apple reduces iAd rates as advertisers flee.

Apples loses “App Store” tm… (maybe)

Apple is “negotiating” with Lodsys.

Google and Amazon have lockers that didn’t cost them a dime to the RIAA (et al.)


“We know what you want better than you do.”  The first sign of problems just around the corner is when you start believing your own PR.

We’ll see how Lion pans out, but if it gets the luke-warm response I expect, I’ll be seriously considering selling my stock. $358 today (7/7/11)… either I”ll be eating crow, or sadly correct… give it a few months.

Honestly, after nearly 65 years on earth, and paying attention all the time,  it’s beginning to look like there’s some tarnish around the edges.


I hope I’m wrong.

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