Organizing your Dock

Got a zillion itty-bitty icons in your dock?

Try grouping them.

Here’s what I do.

In my user folder, I have created a folder called “dock items” (the name is not important; whatever works for you is fine.)

Then, in there, I have folders named for my categories of items, such as “browsers” and “hardware” and “art” and “utilities” and so on.

What I do is put an alias to the program in the appropriate folder.

And then I move the folder to my dock.

You can move the “dock items” folder itself, or you can move the category folders to the dock, whichever works best for you.

Tip: to fill these category folders from your current dock icons, control click on the icon in the dock, and choose “options/show in finder”. Then command-option drag the application to the folder. (command-option drag creates an alias to the app instead of moving the app.)