Preventing Spam on Your Blog

I run a few blogs, and as anyone with a blog can tell you, spam postings are more than a little annoying. For years I have tried various different WordPress plugins, some more successful than others, but most lacking, unfortunately.

I’ve now been running a paid service (although the fees are very modest) that has been better than all the others: CleanTalk.

First: it “just works” – and frankly that’s also second and third in my book. What I want from such a protector is to not have to think about it. CleanTalk allows me that freedom.

There are other advantages: while a single site is dirt cheap, if you have more than one blog to protect, their bulk prices are also quite reasonable. And, it apparently works with Drupal, phpBB, Joomla, Magneto and others. (I say “apparently” because I can only testify to WordPress since that’s where I use it.) 

Finally, it eliminates the need for Captcha.

Those of you who have been with me for a while, through my newsletters going back 15 years, know that I don’t recommend anything I don’t have a personal and positive experience with.

Visit them at

To get started (at least with WordPress blogs) just seek out the “Cleantalk” plugin, and follow the instructions.

CleanTalk gets my recommendation.