The truth about TRIM

TRIM is not a simple subject, and many people do not understand it. It is NOT voodoo, and NO SSD has TRIM all by itself, simply because TRIM runs on the computer, not on the drive.

ALL SSDs have garbage collection routines. What TRIM does is make those routines more efficient, by telling the SSD when space can be reused instead of the SSD’s garbage collection figuring it all out at once, and then trying to do a clean up, while making a pending write sit there and wait until it’s finished.

This is because SSDs do not have an “delete” capability; everything is a “write” command. And because only large areas, which most certainly contain more than one “file” can be altered , TRIM’s usefulness comes into effect continually, and not just during idle or write times, like a garbage collection.

Every SSD manufacturer will tell you that TRIM isn’t needed. That’s correct – it is not NEEDED.

OTOH, it doesn’t hurt, and it’s generally always beneficial. As the drive fills up, the speed up with TRIM becomes more apparent.

Here’s a good article that doesn’t go too far off into the weeds:

The bottom line – do you want TRIM?  YES.

Do you NEED it? No.