Security in the Cloud

Just thought I share what I use so that I can keep copies of important stuff (log-ins, passwords, bank accounts, credit card numbers) in “the cloud” (I hate that euphemism), and be able to have them on all my devices (Macs, phones, etc) without worry:

Yes, I pay $48 a year to have access across all my devices, but the basic setup is free for personal use.

The encryption it uses happens on your device, not at the service, so the files you’re moving around the next are always encrypted. The files are stored at the place of your choosing, and apparently, the are completely inaccessible to the BoxCryptor personnel as well, since the encoding key is local to your devices.

Using it is drag and drop simple, once it’s set up. It creates a desktop “volume” with folders for whatever cloud service you’re using (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Dropbox etc). I’m using Dropbox, so all I do is drag and drop my file into the Dropbox folder on the Boxcryptor volume. That’s it.

To see the unencrypted file, I just double-click it. On my iphone, I run the BoxCryptor app, and double click the file.

No fuss, no muss. And yes, I’ve download the file directly from DropBox, just to see what it looks like without BoxCryptor: it’s encrypted nonsense.

There’s no “commission” for me sharing my positive experience: I just thought this might interest a few folks here.

Happy New Year.