AV software, Part Two, (BitDefender removed)

My mini report:
So: I uninstalled Intego (Virus Barrier / VB) because its RTS was so slow when copying files. [It was fine, otherwise, and didn’t seem to generally slow my Mac, but I do make a lot of clones….] to try BitDefender. BD was faster while copying files, but would slow my machine (50% of 1 CPU’s load) for about 45 minutes once, perhaps twice a day.
Uninstall BD, and try ClamXAV, but it quarantined suspect emails, screwing up my email database.
Uninstall and reinstall Intego.
(We lower the curtain on this performance for a week, to denote the passage of 7 days…)
Uninstall Intego, and try Norman.
Norman uses the BD engine.
Uninstall Norman and try G-Data.
G-data uses the BD engine.
(I should note that having installed BD and then removed it, both Norman and G-Data saw whatever detritus there was left over from that, and complained that I had an invalid license, and the demo would not run. However, given that they were virtually -identical- interfaces, and they admit online that they are using the BD-engine, I simply assume that because of that, they will exhibit the same behavior. Maybe not, but I wasn’t about to spend $60 to find out.)
uninstall G-data and try Kaspersky… which is where I am now.
At least Kaspersky doesn’t seem to be BD in disguise…
I suppose that there’s a 50-50 chance Kaspersky will be OK or that I’ll end up going back to Intego’s VB, and just leave RTS off.
At the very least, I’ll end up with hands-on experience with all of them… not to mention having wasted a bunch of time.
On 5 Aug 2015, at 12:43, Chris Gehlker wrote:
On Aug 5, 2015, at 12:20 PM, Tracy Valleau <tracy@dlsi.biz> wrote:
Yep. I was looking at this:
Really useful data.
Allahu Akbar Ricin
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