Anti-Virus recommendations for the Mac

 (Without wishing to revisit the whole AV discussion on Macs, but because I have decided to use it for myself, I’ll submit this note:)

For reasons I don’t recall, yesterday I found myself investigating the latest reviews of AV (anti-virus) software.

Based on the info found at URLs below, I ended up downloading and installing BitDefender for the Mac.

I used the built-in “upgrade from free trial to paid” and was able to purchase the product for $27 / yr.

It does prompt you to install a couple of browser plugins for extra protection features, but the thing that prompted the switch from Intego was the fact that it offered the least “real-time scanning’ slow-down. (Since I’m often cloning drives, I had found it expeditious to disable that (in Intego’s Virus Barrier) when copying lots of files. I found that annoying.)

I’ve had no problems so far, but it’s also been only 24 hours.,2817,2406379,00.asp

To get BitDefender for Mac, visit, and click the download link for a trial, and, as I noted, use the built-in upgrade path (for one machine) to (hopefully) get the $27 ($28?) price.