Using the Corsair K95 RGB keyboard on a Mac

Just a tip. I got the K95 to work on my Mac, including the G-Keys.


Why pay $200 for a keyboard?  Individually set the backlight color of each key. Keep three such configurations onboard for easy switching. Set the colors for your macros, or use it to help remember keyboard shortcuts in Final Cut Pro X, or Photoshop. Oh, and mechanical Cherry Red keys.   18 configurable macro keys besides the “normal” 101 keys.

This is one helluva keyboard… but it is only supported on a PC. No Mac support… except…

I used Parallels/Windows 8 to install the key colors into the 3 keyboard memories. I have one “general” and one for FCPX and one for Photoshop.

I discovered two ways to get the keyboard recognized:

1) launch Parallels/Windows and “attach” the keyboard there via the menu. Then quit Windows and Parallels, and it remains recognized.
2) better yet: hook the keyboard into a powered USB 2 hub. This seems to keep it recognized, even thru power off cycles.

3) using Keyboard Maestro I can add macros to all 18 g-keys ! 

a) there is NO guarantee this will work for you; I’m just relaying my own experience.
b) I suspect that the keyboard will not work with pre-boot commands, such as single-user mode or wiping the PRAM, so I’d keep another keyboard around for such needs.
c) the caps lock light does not work in this configuration. (Actually, that surprised me.)

That said, the multimedia switches work, including volume and mute. The dimmer button works. I can switch between the three memorized layouts.

Given that there are 50-million mac users out there, and they spend more than PC users, I’m hoping (but not holding my breath) that Corsair will give us a little love, and create at least the basic software for the static lighting and the G-keys. (I can easily do without the lighting animation, thanks…)

There you are: