Window complaint #1

Here’s my Numero Uno complaint about Windows software: it lies to you.

If you don’t use it all the time, and you invoke the system update, here is what you’ll see:



A screen with “Windows is up to date” in large bold letters. Just to drive it home, the screen also says “There are no updates available for your computer.”


“Excellent!” you say, and leave the screen, having been assured that your computer is up to date, right.



If you click on “check for updates” in the sidebar, here’s what you’ll get (or something similar) about 99% of the time:



YEP – anywhere from 1 to hundreds of updates needing to be installed.


It seems that the first message is actually left over from the last time you updated!

This is seriously crappy software engineering. It should NEVER appear in professional software. 

And it is probably a huge part of why so many PCs are infected with malware.


If this happened in a programming class, I’d fail the student. Why can’t Microsoft get even this right?

At the very least, the message should say: “It has been 20 days since you last checked. Software updates may be available. Please click on “check for updates.”

What it should absolutely NOT SAY is “Windows is up to date – There are no updates available for your computer.”

What junk.