Toast 11.1

If you’re an old dinosaur like me, you may still use and enjoy Toast for burning CDs and DVDs.


Version 11.1 is out now, and deserves mention here because a) I’ve had the alpha of it for over a year and it’s finally OUT! and b) under the hood, it’s a significant update, having been completely rewritten.


To successfully install it, you’ll have to remove all the Roxio/Toast prefs from both your user and root library preferences folders first. (I didn’t have any in  my root library.) Then run the installer, and resupply your serial number.


It’s quicker and smoother than the previous version, although it looks pretty much the same.


NOTE: people (including me) seem to have lots of problems getting Toast’s automatic followup “verify” to quit hanging or throwing up false fails. My solution was to turn off automatic verify, and use the tools/compare on those occasions when I wanted it.