TechTool Pro and how I reclaimed 64 gigs of drive space

Well, I discovered 64 gigs of worthless information on my hard drive today… and I’m passing the discovery along just in case it applies to you.

Re: TechTool Pro Directory Backup – it hangs around forever.

TechTool Pro offers any number of features, one of which is Directory Backup. It uses this to help recover files on a corrupted volume.

In my case, I’ve variously had it turned on and off, and it -may- default to “ON” (I’m not sure.) In any case, it backups up the directory information to a folder name “Techtool Protection” which may be found in your /library/application support/ folder, or may be at the root level of your hard drive.

These days, and usually, I keep it turned off. For one thing, a GUID partitioned drive already keeps a second directory, and for another, I’m content with my current backup system enough to not bother with trying to use TTP to resurrect a drive (Not to mention all the other tools I have that can be used to repair a drive.)

Well, today, in the process of doing something else, my attention was drawn to these innocuous folders, only to discover that they held 64 gigabytes of old directory backups!

Now, of course, this applies only to people who have, or have had, TechTool Pro running on their systems, but it may well be worth a look. In my case, I regained 64 gigs of drive space.